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Welcome to the website of the Southland Competitions Society Incorporated. This site contains information about the Society and gives all the information you will need to enter the annual competitions. The arts covered this year are: Instrumental, Vocal, Speech and Drama, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Tap Dancing, Irish Dancing, and Highland & National Dancing.

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Competitions 2021

Hi everyone -
The Committee, after much deliberation and consideration given to what our competitions are truly about, have decided that we cannot run these competitions unless we are in Level 1, and have therefore cancelled the 2021 competitions (August & October).

We had hoped today (13 September) we would receive news of returning to Level 1 within the next week or so, however, this was not the case. So with the uncertainty that still exists, and to be fair to all our families who entered & support us, we didn't feel it was right to keep everyone in limbo for another week. So for the second year, and with much disappointment, not so much for ourselves, but for our wonderful, (but resilient) competitors (and parents), we decided to cancel the 2021 competitions. All entry fees will be refunded.

For this process, I do need everyone to send me their bank account details to the following address , along with the Competitor's name .

Once again, we are extremely sorry to have to be in this position for the second year, and all I can say, at the moment, is that we look forward to 2022 and being able to provide this platform next year to our incredibly talented and dedicated performers.


We are also seeking a volunteer(s) to join the Committee to take on the position of Vocal Convenor, so that we can once again offer this Artform in 2021. At this stage without a Vocal Convenor we will be unable to host this competition.




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